Super precision machining parts

Dimensional and positioning tolerances less than 0,0015 mm

Machining parts up to 35.000Kg

Integral services of super precision machining parts

High precision and high-performance turning centers

Integral services of super precision machining parts

We are a company located in Izurtza, in one area of great industrial tradition.

Founded in 1974, we offer a full service of machining and construction of tooling and systems. Also, we offer a service of outsourcing of manufacturing and assembling machines.

Super precision machining parts, with dimensional and positioning tolerances less than 0,0015 mm, until machining parts up to 35.000Kg.

TALLERES IZURZA with DIVIPREC, AEROMEC and LEGUTILAN GRANDES MECANIZADOS, forms a powerful industrial group, from which we cover any need for machining.

  • Talleres Izurtza
  • Legutilan - Grandes mecanizados
  • Diviprec
  • Aeromec

Operario en máquina

Production means

Our range of machinery incorporates the most advanced manufacturing technologies.

High precision Machining Centers, high-performance turning centers, grinding systems as well as machines "Multi-Tasking", combined with the expertise of a highly qualified staff and the highest quality standards allow us to offer our customers a full service.

To ensure the dimensional accuracy of our parts, we have a three-dimensional machine LEITZ located in a thermo stable area, with a measuring capacity of 2400 x 1600 x 1000 mm and a volumetric uncertainty of 0,001 m.m.

Pieza Operario Pieza Pieza Pieza Pieza


We work for sectors such Machine Tool, Aerospace Industry, Automotive Industry, Agricultural Machinery and Die and Stamping machines.

Working for those fields, have forced us to dominate not only the conventional machining. We are specialists in the machining of materials such as treated steels, stainless steels, or even in machining austenitic super alloys such as Inconel.